A Day at The Cedar House

The Cedar House TX is offered on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays. Students have the option of enrolling for a single day or both days for the year. Tuesdays will focus on Texas nature for science, and feature tinkering, nature, art, poetry, and a heroes of the faith/geography study. Wednesdays will feature history with a deeper focus on survival skills and a wildlife expert as part of nature and science. Both days will include core subjects such as morning time and farm chores, nature study, and free time, but we will be sure to cover different material so students attending both days will not repeat material. There will be an optional time during the Wednesday class for students to complete independent work from home if the parents so choose. In addition, our spring semester will include the option to participate in our outdoor theater production. 

Each day the children arrive, put their things away, and head straight to the job chart. Children in K-1st grade are called Hedgehogs, 2nd-3rd grade are called Foxes, 4th-6th graders are Raccoons, and 7th Grade – high school are the Bears class. A Fox is always paired with a Raccoon to do their jobs, which include milking a cow, feeding and learning how to care for a horse, feeding chickens, collecting eggs, working with the donkey and goats, and working in the garden. It’s wonderful to watch the Foxes and Raccoons together!  The Foxes can learn from the Raccoons and the older children are learning to serve and teach the younger ones. This is one of my favorite things about The Cedar House! It’s also good for the children to learn to take care of the animals and to do their part to prepare for the day.

After their jobs are complete, we begin our first lesson. Here are more detailed class descriptions:

Morning Time:
Each class will begin with Morning Time which will include:
A monthly Hymn
A monthly Bible Verse
A monthly Character Study

Farm Chores:
Farm chores will include feeding the goats, miniature donkey, chickens, grooming the horse, milking the cow, and creating a school garden.

This year we will be studying Texas Nature on Tuesdays and digging deep into Survival Skills on Wednesdays.

Students will have the opportunity to make a variety of projects in our tinkering garage using their imagination, troubleshooting skills, and teamwork all while under the direction of our leaders. 

Expert Corner:
Throughout the semester we will host a variety of experts from a different fields who will share with our students.

N.A.P.: Nature, Art, & Poetry (Tuesdays):
As we learn about a poet, artist, and composer for the semester, the children will share their insights into what these masters were trying to convey, as well as spend time nature journaling around the farm.

Our squirrels, (PreK through 1st) will perform in the Fall. Foxes, Raccoons, and Bears (2nd and up) will perform in the Spring. There will also be opportunities for poetry recitation and smaller performances throughout the year.


$50 non-refundable registration fee + $250 per month per student for 1 day


$50 non-refundable registration fee + $400 per month per student for 2 days